Overbust Corsets

In this section you’ll find our range of full overbust corsets, which are perfect for the fuller figure.

All of the full overbust corsets in this section close at the front with the traditonal hook and eye fasteners and close at the back with a long lace looped at the waist. There is a 6 inch wide modesty panel at the back which means that the corset can be worn more loosely if needed and you will still be covered. The modesty panel can also be folded back if you want to show the skin or clothing beneath.

These full overbust corsets are spiral steel boned, and so are perfect for tight lacing and giving you a fantastic hour glass figure.

The full overbust corsets are cut to cover the whole bust so can be worn without other clothes, although obviously the less bold can wear them on top of another top and they still look fantastic.

All of these full overbust corsets come complete with 4 or 6 free suspenders, which attach to the loops sewn into the bottom of the corset.