Long Line Underbust Corsets

In this section you'll find our range of long line underbust corsets which are around 12” long at the front and curve round the hips at the side. These long line underbust corsets are perfect for the taller person, and on a slightly shorter person they create the illusion of the person of the person being slightly taller and thinner as the torso appears longer than it actually is.

The great thing about these steel boned corsets is that they can reduce the waistline by up to 5 or 6 inches, and so give you a fantastic hour glass figure.

These corsets have a 6 inch wide modesty panel at the back which means that the corset can be worn more loosely if needed and you will still be covered. The modesty panel can also be folded back if you want to show the skin or clothing beneath. The corsets come complete with 6 suspenders which attach to the loops sewn into the bottom of the corset.

Our whole range of long line underbust corsets are steel boned, and close with the traditional hook and eye fastenings at the front and a long lace which tightens in the middle at the back.

When considering a long line underbust corset, it's important to measure yourself to make sure it will fit. You need to ensure that there’s at least 12 inches between the bottom of your bust and where you’d like the corset to finish.