Corset Dresses

Welcome to our new range of fantastic corset dresses, all the dresses have been designed to give a fantastic Victorian burlesque look, and are styled with a generous layered skirt consisting of 3 panels, each one short at the front with a long and sweeping tail at the back.

The corset part of the dress is made with exactly the same precision and style as the corset range with sprung steel boning and solid steel front and back busks.

The skirt has a Velcro panel to close the dress at the back at waist level and of course the corset has our standard 6 inch modesty panel.

The longest of the skirt layers is 24 inches at the back sweeping round to 8 inches at the front with the other panels layered beautifully on top.

The range is available in beautiful soft leather in black or brown as well as satin and black pvc.

The sizing is the same as with our corsets, where we’d always recommend a size around 4 or 5 inches less than your natural waist size.